Dance Night Alpha
September 27th

Welcome to Dance Night Alpha (DNA)! This dance program is intended to provide young ladies and gentlemen with an opportunity to go beyond the ordinary – and relate to one another in an enjoyable atmosphere while learning/practicing the skill of ballroom dance.

**By purchasing a ticket, you certify that you have read and agree to abide by our DNA Dress Guidelines and Policies.**

Gentleman’s Dance Ticket ($10)

Lady’s Dance Ticket ($10)

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Only 30 lady’s tickets and 30 gentleman’s tickets will be sold. If the item you are trying to purchase is “Sold Out” please email to be put on the waiting list.

NOTE: When you purchase "tickets" through our website, your name will be put on our list and you will be checked off at the at the door when you arrive. No physical tickets will be sent to you.

Meet our dance instructor!